Entry 01

June 26, 2014

  • How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

          10 years from now, I see myself traveling around the world, visiting places I’ve never been to before. I see myself “getting there”, perhaps I may not be very successful by then but I hope I am! I’m still on the long road to success and it’s very tough. But I’ll get there! Other than traveling, I see myself as a writer/journalist. I’ll write about my travels and about the experiences I’ve had.

  • How are you supposed to get there?

           As I said, I may not be successful yet, but I will be! Surely, I’ll have to focus on school and do my best all the time. I have to give it my all. Especially now that since it’s my last year here at MC, I might as well make it count. I want this year to be the best, to be memorable and maybe even life changing. Maybe it’s a little bit too late to start “changing” now but “better late then never”, right?

Important note!

Hello! This blog is for my school-related activities, so expect it to be full of text posts and a lot of heavy topics. I won’t be posting much pictures as this is only my secondary blog. Also, even if I may not open this blog all the time, I intend to keep it alive, in other words, to keep it even though it won’t be totally active.

After I’ve finished all my school-related activities, I plan to delete all content on this blog and start fresh. I’ll probably turn this into a personal blog or something.

Well, that’s all! xx Cody

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